peach tree leaves

Fruit Trees

Please note that some varieties need pollinators. Peaches, plums and pears are semi dwarf;
apples are standard rootstock. Bloom and harvest times vary.

Prices for all fruit trees are the same, with additional plant information for each fruit.

Please call 618.344.5963 for additional information.




Fuji Apple

Malus pumila 'Fuji' Apple

30' h x 20' w Midseason bloomer. Red fruit. Needs pollinator. Fall harvest.

$75 - $205

Malus domestica 'Gala' Apple

30' h x 20' w Lightly-scented white flowers with shell pink overtones in mid spring. Red apple with a distinctive yellow blush. Fall harvest. Needs pollinator.

$75 - $205

Granny  Smith Apple

Malus pumila 'Granny Smith' Apple

30' h x 20' w White blossoms in spring and tart green fruit in late fall. Needs pollinator.

$75 - $205

Santa Rosa Plum

Prunus salicina 'Santa Rosa' Plum

15' h x w Showy white flowers in spring. Harvest dark crimson fruit with firm flesh and sweet tart flavor in July. Produces more fruit if a pollinator is provided.

$75 - $205

China Pearl Peach

Prunus persica 'China Pearl' Peach

15' h x w Late flowering, white flesh freestone peach. Ripens in early August.

$75 - $205

Prunus persica 'Early Augustprince' Peach

15' h x w Freestone fruit is firm. Flesh is yellow with some red. Very good flavor. Early fall harvest.

$75 - $205

Prunus persica 'Redhaven' Peach

15' h x w Pink blossoms, sweet fruit. July harvest. Long ripening season may produce a second round of fruit.

$75 - $205

pear tree

Pyrus persica 'Bartlett' Pear

15' h x w Extremely juicy. Harvest July - October. Needs pollinator.

$75 - $205

Pyrus communis x P. pyrifolia 'Keiffer' Pear

15' h x w Crisp, yellow skinned fruit with dull red blush. Late harvest. Needs pollinator.

$75 - $205